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Roster: 1st of August
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Aug 2014
Clan Roster
The new roster for the month has been decided yet there is still a spot left on the Call Of Duty team who are hoping to get 1st place in the Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare championship, The first player is: Vortex Dreams who will be the leader of the team, the second player is Vortex Shots who will be playing support and the third member of the team is Vortex Mysticz will be the spawn holder of the group. The team so far is looking for a player who can show great spawn holding skills yet will also be able to run into the thick of the fight and hold there own. Later yesterday night Mysticz had this to say about Vortex's future: "We will get far as a team yet further as a family" ~Dreamz

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